Content on my blog has been drying up lately. This was not entirely unexpected. After all, it is a well known phenomenon that most blogs wither and die sooner rather than later.

However, I actually do write quite a lot in private these days, and I very much enjoy it. So why not share some of this writing?

My original intention with this blog was to post only about technical topics. I was learning a lot as a programmer (I still am) and I wanted to share it with the world (I still do).

However, creating original content within the realm of software development requires a lot of work. There is so much greatness out there, ranging from insightful Twitter accounts over excellent Stack Overflow answers to impressively detailed articles on blogs and elsewhere.

I don’t actually want to compete in that space. Both because I’m not confident that I have much to add and because even if I did, I would not be prepared to spend the time to write it up. I tend to obsess over details when I write about software, and it takes a long time.

So instead, I am going to start writing about some of all the other things I find interesting these days. And there is a lot! I am developing as a person - we all do, all the time - and I find myself much more conscious about this development than I used to be. I read a lot of books and I enjoy learning from them. I vary my daily routines to discover what works for me, and I learn about myself that way too. Over the last year, I feel that I have gained more towards understanding my own personality than I have over the previous decade.

This also has to do with aging. I am now 41 years old, and I have two small kids. Priorities change, and I find that this is an interesting process to be going through. It sparks thoughts about myself and about the world, and I want to give readers of my blog a glimpse into those thoughts in the hope that you will find them interesting as well.

I expect that many of my future posts will still be related to programming or technology in some sense, because I love it, and I spend a great deal of my time working with it. But it will be from my own perspective. And who knows, my personal experiences with a piece of software may be exactly what some reader out there was looking for, if we’re both lucky. But this will be a happy accident. I don’t intend to write tutorial-style or in-depth entries. Others do that much better than me.

Also, expect some posts to have a bit of a fast-and-loose feel to them. Hopefully not sloppy, but also not meticulously edited. My aim is to gain experience writing and to express myself to a wider audience in the process.

I hope you’ll come along for the ride.