Rating: 5/5

I’m extremely impressed by the research effort made by the author. I can’t even begin to understand how much work went into writing this book. The bibliography alone is almost 40 pages long, which is just absurd.

I must admit that I found it hard to get through at times, simply because it is not only very long, but also very dense. There is a LOT to take in, and maybe it was a mistake to read it cover to cover.

However, let me be clear that I enjoyed this book very much, and I learned a ton from it. Some parts were far more interesting for me personally than others. For example, being a programmer myself, it was very exciting to learn much more about Charles Babbage and Ada Lovelace.

Within the next year or so, I’ll pick this up again and reread the most interesting chapters.

You can find the book on Goodreads.