Rating: 5/5

Well-written and moving story about the effects of the economic recession on ordinary working class americans.

I really enjoyed getting a glimpse into a world about which I had plenty of preconceived notions but little factual knowledge.

I did follow the news around the time covered by this book but only learned about the changes happening at the scale of cities or even countries. It was very interesting to learn about the consequences for individual, ordinary families. How they struggled to re-train for new jobs as the local assembly plant closed. How some succeeded and some, sadly, did not.

The book is strictly chronological, the parts of the book even named by each year. It is very well balanced. We learn about not only working class families but also privileged people who make it through the recession without a scratch, helping others on the way out of their troubles.

Highly recommended for more in-depth knowledge not only about the recession but also about the loyalty and benevolence of citizens in a small American city.