The room where it happened: A White House Memoir

by John Bolton, 577 pages, published in March 2020

It was interesting to read a book by an author with a political standpoint that is distinctly different from my own. That taught me a lot in itself, and I found it refreshing to see things in a different light.

Also, as is the case for other books I’ve read about the Trump precidency, the crazy anecdotes from inside the White House, while extremely unnerving, are also just fascinating and very entertaning. Bolton is very much an adult, and hearing his description of the chaos surrounding the president was really funny at times.

Unfortunatly, the book was mostly a very dull read. Maybe in part because of the editing that Bolton has been forced to make. The language is repetitive and the storytelling is…we’ll it’s not really there. The text is bone dry.

This book felt even longer than it was.

Rating: 2/5