I’ve been a very happy 750words.com user for over a decade. And while I still really love the site, I decided that I wanted to move my journaling to Emacs, which is where I spend much of my day anyway.

So I wrote a small Clojure utility to convert exported 750words journal entries to org-journal format. I don’t expect this to useful for many people, but let me know if you try it and have problems or ideas for improvements.

Entries are exported from 750 one month at a time, and all the resulting text files should be put in the input directory. When running the utility with clj -X journal-importer/main, all resulting entries are written to output as org files.

The output files can optionally be encrypted with GPG, in case you want to store them in the cloud like I do. Just be sure to have a GPG key generated (see the README) and set gpg-recipient.